Pre-Impact Torun

A grand city long ago, Torun was widely regarded as embodying the peak of civilization. Though Parsha was more populous and commercial, Torun was the cultural center of the world, housing the Fourth Temple of Bahamut, the first Library of Marach, the Raven Queen’s Roost, and many of the oldest buildings in existence. Like Parsha, Torun was a mostly human city that maintained a diverse population of all civilized races.

Torun was unique in that it was governed by a council of elected elders, one of the few cities in the world not ruled by monarchy. Torun was well known for being built on top of the unusual split between the Goldrun River and the Opal River. The amazing conglomeration of bridges, walkways, and spires was a well-known testament to the glory of the city.

Rostam Rose once took up residence here for a few months during his Yellow Period; some claim he kept a secret treasure stash underneath the fountain in the Westown Square.

Post-Impact Torun

Torun has fallen into ruin along with the rest of the world. The city no longer has an organized government, militia, or trade network. The streets are nearly empty, save for roving gangs and small pockets of survivors. Most of the stone buildings still stand, but have not been maintained for hundreds of years.

The Redround Clan is a massive gang that controls most of the city, particularly the Eastown district.

The largest community is Emanuel, a protected market area on the old Emanuel Street.

Rumors are that the Library of Marach in Torun is controlled by a cult, and that the adjoining Temple of Ioun is destroyed.

Post-Impact Maps Torun map Torun city map


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