Staff of Asha

Legend tells of a powerful artifact, passed down from a line of channelers of divine power. Originating with Asha, a Deva priest from ancient times, the staff was sky-blue in color and made of an unknown wood from a land long lost in the mists of time. Some say that Asha, using the staff, was able to cure any disease and was even able to raise the newly dead. Countless souls were soothed by Asha and the staff during the Troubles until Asha was struck down, assassinated in at the hands of a demon summoned by the powerful wizard Tirr. With Asha’s death, the staff was lost for centuries.

Surfacing again as the threat of Rellos Zek spread over the land, the staff was taken up by the powerful invoker Gaebriel after being found during exploration of a long abandoned Library of Marach. Some say the staff itself sensed the threat and made itself available once again, this time to battle back the darkness with a righteous fury. Formerly sky-blue, the staff had turned a dark crimson and, rather than healing, was used as a weapon in the invoker’s hands, turning the minions of Zek to ash before its power.

Wielding the staff against Zek’s dragon Deathlung, Gaebriel channeled his divine power through the artifact, striking the dragon with a blast of holy energy. At the same time, the dragon unleashed his foul breath at the invoker in a last gasp of life, knocking Gaebriel back and nearly killing him. Only the staff, absorbing the energy of the dragon’s blast into itself, saved the invoker. However, the staff was turned black as the deepest midnight and the wood became crooked, warped, and rotted. Keeping the staff after it saved his life seemed appropriate and Gaebriel secretly hoped it would regain its previous form. In the fight against Zek, the staff remained black and inert, diminishing the invoker’s power and perhaps giving Zek the edge he needed.

The staff was lost in the battle with Zek and has not been seen since Gaebriel awakened in the waystation.

Staff of Asha

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