Rosey's Red Glove

Also known as “Rosey’s Red Right Hand”, this glove was one of the few consistencies in Rostam Rose’s battle attire. The glove, upon close inspection, appeared to be adorned with a number of stains; as such, it wasn’t actually red (or at least not all the time), but a patina of crimsons, purples, and deep, dare I say ichorous browns. Some storytellers claimed that the glove was soaked in the blood of Rosey’s enemies; the bard Charley in particular was a frequent proponent of this theory.

As for the origin of the glove, little is known, and even less than that has been speculated. The glove was with Rosey at his first taste of notoriety, and it was with him when he met each of his companions. Gaebriel, because of his curiosity, his need to have things catalogued, and his close friendship with Rosey, was able to ascertain that the glove had something to do with Rosey’s grandfather, Randall Rose, who raised him from adolescence. Randall Rose died fighting three red dragons at what would later be called Three Dragon Hill, or, to Rosey’s preference, The Rose Garden.

In truth, the glove was indeed the former property of Randall Rose, and was found soaked in both his own blood and that of two of the dragons he fought. And while we are being truthful, it should also be said that the glove had no actual magic powers, though this would be a surprise to nearly everyone Rosey had ever met. Rosey often treated it as if it’s will alone guided his blades, and did indeed soak it in the blood of his most foul enemies. In difficult battles, he would often wait to slip on the glove until such a moment as the enemy might be gaining advantage. But when it was fitted on his right hand (and it did fit perfectly), Rosey seemed to fight with renewed fervor, with horrific intensity.

In the final battle against Zek, that villain was able, toward the end, to remove and destroy the red glove. To those looking on, the wind appeared to have been roughly torn from Rosey’s sails; he sunk to his knees, his weapon-arm started to quiver. Zek stood over him tauntingly and prepared to strike a final blow, to send him to the Rose Garden, as they say. But the instant he committed to doing so, Rosey sprung to action, avoiding Zek’s attack and, with a smile and perhaps a wink, prepared to deliver his own killing stroke.

Rosey's Red Glove

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