Rosey's Blue Period

To win Miriam’s hand in marriage, Rosey had to pass through several trials put forth by her father, King Harold. After doing so, the king backed out on their deal and had Rosey banished from the immediate kingdom. It was soon after this that Rosey found out his grandfather, Randall Rose had died fighting several dragons. Visiting the gravesite (created by a small band of nomads whom had watched Randall battle bravely from a safe distance), Rosey discovered his grandfather’s favorite red glove.

Though he was lousy with thoughts of revenge, Rosey knew he was not yet strong enough to get revenge against the two surviving dragons. He had to become more powerful, and he had to be patient. The Blue Period was a year-long campaign of guts and gore; Rosey quested all over the map, helping those in need, searching out evil and slitting its throat or, in many cases, throats. For the first time in his life, Rosey fought with great seriousness and without promise of reward. The resume he put together in this year put King Harold’s puny trials to shame.

Finally, when he felt up to the challenge, Rosey was able to track down the red dragon Aberlour. He was aided in this by a wise Deva named Gaebriel, whom he only recently met. This, he felt certain, was one of the dragons that killed his grandfather. While Aberlour slumbered, he stole into the dragon’s lair and claimed a beautiful flying carpet. Once he had it underfoot, he gave up all pretense of quiet, zooming past the dragon and out of the cave, shouting, “Come and get me you son of a bitch!”

He headed toward Cantemerle, the groggy dragon in pursuit and growing more keen with each passing mile. Alarms were sounded at first sight of the dragon; men ran to their battle stations and the king was alerted. Rosey knew that despite his growth as a warrior, he still stood no chance alone against a dragon. One thing had eluded him in his lonely year, one thing he thought about near-constantly and was eager to try out: team-work.

Hovering briefly at the ramparts, Rosey began to give out orders to the soldiers. He was surprised to see the magician Gaebriel and a tall, beefy Dragonborn at the gates, prepared to defend a city they could only be passing through. The three men, with arrows and spears cascading over their heads toward the dragon, turned and approached the beast themselves.

Sadly, Aberlour did not last long, but Rosey did not bemoan the lack of excitement. Soon enough he had the dragon’s head raised at the entrance to King Harold’s palace. The king, standing stoically at his balcony, nodded his head. The front palace door opened and Miriam ran down the steps and into Rosey’s arms.

Rosey's Blue Period

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