Order of the Lost Twin

Founded by Torrin’Talaruorra (Orra)

An organization both military and missionary in nature. Not dedicated to any specific Deity or to spreading any specific religion. Its creation was inspired by the Legend of the Lost Twin, and to the furthering of a generic Good.


Exists to search (metaphorically) for the Lost Sister of Light. Members of the order believe that by spreading goodness wherever they go they help to balance out the effects of the Dark Sister. Their mission is to be a force for good in the world. Members help defend the weak, feed the poor, and confront evil.


The headquarters of the Order was The Palace of the Lost Twin. Numerous smaller bases were established. In large cities the Order often had a small fortress or keep nearby. Smaller cities sometimes had a dedicated building. Usually the ranking member’s home served as central office in smaller communities.

People from all religions and races were welcome in the Order. Initiates were often sent to the nearest headquarters post to receive official training once they had passed the initial year of local service. All members eventually had to make a pilgrimage to the Palace of the Lost Twin, though no specific time frame was enforced. The pilgrimage was the final requirement for full membership in the Order and it included the requirement that the candidate bring mementos from the journey showing some proof that they made a difference.

The Order had its own internal hierarchy, similar to military rankings.

Order of the Lost Twin

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