Kentlock was a small dwarven city located in the Indigo Pass. Kentlock was the center of heavy mining activity due to it’s proximity to rich iron, gold, and silver veins underneath the Adelbore Mountains. Because of it’s location in the Indigo Pass, it was a convenient trading point between Goldrun and Aluar.


Most of Kentlock has collapsed due to frequent earthquakes, but one passable path through the city alleyways still exists. The city is reportedly overrun by undead.

Gaebriel discovered a stone slab with dwarven script that read (translation per Charley), “Attention, all ye who enter. Here once stood Kentlock, a fine dwarven city. It is fifty-four year after the impact. I, Dranilbin, am the last resident. The drought and earthquakes have ruined us. I leave now – pray that I make it to the homeland.”


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