Goldrun was a small, industrious city located on the Goldrun River. Goldrun was known for fishing the river, mining gold and iron ore from the nearby Adelbore Mountains, and farming the verdant nearby grasslands. Goldrun was not a large commercial center, but did have some trade via the river. Goldrun was mainly a human and dwarven city, with minor populations of most other races.

Legend has it that the adventurer Rostam Rose once rented a private vault in the city’s largest bank.

Past Region Map: Goldrun map

Goldrun is nearly destroyed, save for the town hall and temple to Correllon. These buildings likely still stand due to their sturdy dwarven construction. The ancestors of Goldrun survive in a small village on the remaining trickle of the Goldrun River. The new village of Goldrun is nearly one hundred people in size, led by a dwarf named Gristol.

Present Region Map: Goldun map ruins


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