(pronounced DIE-mona)

Dimona was a dear friend, a hero among equals. For years, she fought side-by-side with the heroes against Rellos Zek. She was a cleric of Pelor, and her divinity saved their lives many a time. She is remembered being fearless in battle, but sometimes too vengeful and wrathful for her simple, kind personality.

Dimona was an elf from Aluar. She was small, pale, and dark haired. Her divine presence was always kind, and never overwhelming. Like Charley, she was outspoken and did much to form the alliances against Rellos. The elves of Aluar cherished her.

She died about a year before the impact in the battle of Songbird’s Point. It was a particularly chaotic fight in which she became separated from her allies in a swarm of Rellos’ minions. Her body was recovered and she was laid to rest on the shores of the Sampete Sea – a place that she always loved.


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