When Orra was beginning his Paragon path he felt called to a quest by Bahamut. He traveled to a distant mountain range and came upon a silver dragon fighting a band of evil storm giants. The leader, dressed in black and wielding a blackened spear had wounded the young dragon. Orra raced to get in front of an attack that would have likely killed it and he was struck instead. He laid hands on the dragon, who also used a divine power to provide Orra with a surge of strength. Together they chased off the storm giants, who no longer had an overwhelming advantage.

Orra and Antiochenes the dragon became life-long friends, though they seldom saw each other. They adventured together only a few times after their first meeting. But Antiochenes never forgot what Orra had done for him.

Years later, when Orra had established the Order of the Lost Twin and begun the search for Arkhosia his travels took him once again to the homeland of Antiochenes. Orra’s old friend gave him two gifts, both precious to the paladin: a magical battleaxe and a scrap of information regarding Arkhosia.

The Battle Axe was a Holy Avenger, made from a sharpened magically enchanted silver scale, from Antiochenes’ own back. The axe was pure silver including the shaft and handle. At the base of the handle was embedded a silver spike. Orra named the axe “Antioch” in remembrance of the friend who gave it to him.

The other gift was a jagged piece of bronze, once part of an ornate shield which had been shattered at some point. Engraved into it were various symbols and parts of phrases. Antiochenes said that the shield had been made long ago in Arkhosia. Orra was able to extract clues to finding Arkhosia from the shield. He commissioned a replica of the original intact shield made (with some artistic license granted for the missing section). It was enchanted and used by Orra as his primary adventuring shield in the years that followed.

Orra used Antioch the Holy Avenger to plow through hordes of undead as the party made their way to the final showdown with Rellos. He invoked its power of protection when they faced Rellos’ strongest generals. In the final confrontation Orra attacked Rellos with the holy might of Bahamut, channeled through Antioch.


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