Aluar was a major elven kingdom, giving name the deep pine forests surrounding it. Under the leadership of the hero Dimona, Aluar was the first elven kingdom to join the fight against Rellos Zek, and proved to be a vital ally due to it’s central location. The elves of Aluar were well known for their reckless abandon in battle, wild ceremonial dancing and revelry, and outgoing nature.

Aluar was connected to Kentlock and Goldrun via the Indigo Pass. Though a minor trading partner, Aluar was located near the halfling town of Umelive.


The elves of Aluar keep the forest directly around the city alive – almost as it was before the Impact. However, the population is much smaller, resources are scarce, and the elves are under constant threat from the Dragonborn tribes of the Sandfollow Desert and the Hobgoblin and Orcish tribes near Torun.

The leader of Aluar is a warlord named Ins. He is advised by a cleric named Lilo.


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