Eladrin Avenger


Harktharion Helios Uthalla, better known to the world as Hack is a different sort of Eladrin. Hack stands 5’ 5”, a average height for his race, but that is where the similarities between Hack and his people part.

Hack wears his hair sheer black and his skin is an ashen color, lacking the vibrancy that most of his race display. His eyes are a bright blue and are the only real true color on Hacks person as his wardrobe consists of mostly greys and blacks, to better conceal him. Even his longsword(his favored weapon) is black. Hack’s back is covered in religious sigils in reverance to his god, The Raven Queen.

Hack’s demeanor is not a friendly one. While never being overly offensive, Hack is not in it to make friends. He has a job to do and he does it. While he genuinely likes his companions, he is not attached to them. People come and go, and often Hack is the one sending them on their way. Hack is extremely confident in his abilities and while not bragging about them, he definitely displays a supreme confidence in his mannerisms.

Hack’s history is a turbulent one. As a young boy, Hack saw his family perish in a murderous raid. Hack was taken in by a monastery that worshipped The Raven Queen, the goddess of death. Hack became one with death, his special abilities as an Eladrin and the skills taught to him by his mentor, molded him into one of the favored agents of the Raven Queen. In fact in his old world, Hack was her Divine Assassin. Where she pointed, Hack killed. It was well known that if one was marked for death by the Raven Queen, their time was short. Hack never failed to complete a job. His work was flawless, his obedience unquestioned, and that is what made him a favored servant that is until the day Hack asked a question. After that, his status with his Queen seems to be less sure.

Hack can often be seen reading books on history, as his mentor taught him the more you know of a people, the easier it is to predict them and strike when the word comes down.

Hack is secretly unnerved by the current circumstances of the party. He knows that they should’ve smoked the first group they encountered in less than a round. After all, while not being his equal, his companions are extremely competent and their roles. This worries Hack as he has never felt that the situation was not in hand, but it appears that they may not be the case.


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