Half-elf Bard


She’s a natural beauty, not with the beauty that comes with youth, but with a beauty that is true and undeniable. Looks that come by way of having elfish blood and a human mother that was an excruciatingly good looking woman. Most of the time one would describe her look as amused. But if one dared to look deeper into the dark pools of her eyes, one might discovery a calculating mind that is always at work, taking in all her surroundings, making note of a casually spoken word or a quick exchange of glances between strangers. But most would never notice that in her, no, all they see is a bard that’s quick to share a laugh and in search of an audience to hear a tale or a song.

She has an athletic build but tends to lean toward the skinny side. But her slight build seems to be an advantage once she begins playing her favorite instrument, the harp. A harp that is small, light, easy to take care of, but complex enough to cast whatever bardic magic is called for at the time. Her long narrow fingers expertly and effortlessly plucking the strings in fluid motion. The music at times seems to flow out of her entire being, not just the instrument she happens to be playing.

She walks with a swagger. Moving with supreme confidence. So much so, that she usually keeps unwanted advances from the opposite sex from occurring. She is approachable, but more in the “just one of the guys kind of way.” She looks like she could fit in and feel at home anywhere. From a royal audience to the bawdiest hell-hole tavern.

She wears around her neck many trinkets, tokens, and amulets. All unique in their own way. Each has a story, a memory, and a friend associated with them. Friends that were true, friends that were great loves of hers, and friends whose heads she held as they breathed thier last. The most conspicious necklace she wears is a large silver cresant moon.

Her long auburn hair is most commonly fashioned in two long braids that are pinned together at the back of her head to form two loops. The pin that she uses for her braids is actually a deftly disguised slender dagger with an antler handle. It has saved her hide on more than one occasion.

She always seems to be well put together when it comes to her clothing and armor. She just has a way a putting a whole outfit together that looks impressive stylistically and also battle-ready. Her signature look is to wear a thick banded cloth weaved around her bow arm. Her other arm she leaves sleeveless to reveal a tattoo that spirals up her right arm. The tattoo is elfish script.


She was born to an elf father of high station and a human mother of unsurpassing beauty (she was told), during the year of the long winter. (30 some odd years ago) Her father, Sildin the Fleetfooted, was from the elves of the southern forest of Nevador and her human mother, Jenevieve Charlaton, became a friend to the elves from her frequent visits from the small human settlement nearby. Her mother became seriously ill shortly after Charley’s birth and died, no one is quite sure why or from what. She was raised among the elves of the southern forest for most of her life, but her father took her with him on his diplomatic travels to many places throughout the region, including many visits to the city of Parsha. Charley loved Parsha the most of all the places they went.

Formative Years

In Parsha she met and mingled with peoples of many lands, learning a new tune from some far away place or learning the dwarven tongue from traveling Dwarf merchants. It was during these trips that she first began developing her musical skills. Tapping into her music loving elvish side and her adaptable human side, she quickly became a proficient musician with a distinctive style all her own. She soon discovered that music wasn’t the only thing she had a knack at, she also had a way with words and an uncanny ability to win people over. All she needed to do was tell a quick story or play a tune and she would have the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. Recognizing her talents, her father soon began grooming her to become a diplomat. Teaching her everything he knew, Charley was a quick learner.


Rapidly she rose high up in ranks and as war spread across the land, her skills became invaluable. By 25 she had become an emissary of the high council to Queen Qlonluxi III of Parsha. Her sole mission was to unite as many kingdoms and peoples of the world against the great evil growing in the East. (Not sure how we all meet, but…) She soon fell in with her great companions. She found it easy to disguise herself as a traveling bard and could get in just about anywhere in front of almost anyone with her musical talents alone. If it seemed effective she would reveal her true self and true intentions to her noble audience. However, many times she would remain hidden and use more subtle tactics to influence the nobility to fall in step with Parsha’s overall plan. Her M.O. was always to travel the land and seek out allies, encourage armies to rise up against evil, and bolster the defense of the homeland. Her and her companions over time grew in wealth, power, and influence, all with different intentions and their own interests in mind, however, they found common cause in defeating their sworn enemy…Zek.


Charley is single, but has loved before. She has lost two in battle, so she’s focused herself on duties to play it safe now. Before the warp her father was still alive and well, but she is very concerned now what has happened to him and all of her extended elf family.


How do others perceive you in social interactions?

Others are usually swept off their feet by Charley if they aren’t mentally prepared. She usually wears a smile and looks people in the eye, so she comes across as very friendly, sincere, and engaging. She can win friends very quickly and is often successful in settling disputes between others. She usually will have a joke at the ready or insert some wit into any conversation.

How optimistic are you?

Charley tries to always look at the bright side of things. Like her current predicament: she has her friends by her side, songs left to sing, an open road before her, and after ‘the new’ Goldrun she knows that there are still good people left in the world. People that she can bring more than just empty hope to. Sometimes when she’s alone or quite for awhile she’ll feel sadness and despair creeping in, that’s when she’ll sing to herself the song her father taught her, the one whose words are tattooed around her arm. Its a song about standing against evil and loyalty to the ones you love. Its not a particularly happy song, but one that helps her steel her resolve against fear and self-doubt.

How trusting are you?

It sounds strange but she simultaneously trusts everyone and no one at the same time. In every person is someone that can come through for you and someone who can let you down. Someone that will do the right thing at one time and the next do the wrong thing. She’s learned to trust herself alone and has confidence in her ability to bring out the best in others. So her trust in others is geniune, but is only marginally surprised when that trust is broken. However, ever since this warp to the shack she has a growing suspicion of a betrayer. Obviously not one of her close companions that have been brought to this upside world, but a close council member of the high command. Yes…one of those assholes. Only one of them would know of her diplomatic missons and how important they were to uniting the land against Zek.

(One type of being that she has a little distrust of are the gnomes) See: The Feywild Harp


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