Last Time On...

Rosey's Last Time On... Episode 4

Civilization, finally! Or what passes for it, anymore. Figures the elves would figure out a way to survive this mess. I hate to admit it, but I never really had a doubt. Dependable bastards, even if they act all high and mighty. For a second I could have sworn Dimona herself had managed to weather these last… what are they saying, three hundred years? But it’s just her great… great… hell, I can’t keep track of how great it’s been. Three hundred years! Great great great great granddaughter, and the spitting image. Only I don’t remember Dimona being this hot for the Hack. Has it been three hundred years since any of us were… intimate? Seems like only yesterday Miriam and I gave child-making a first shot. And a second shot. A third and fourth shots.

I wouldn’t have minded killing a few bad-apple elves, but I’m kind of glad we were able to talk some sense into them. Seems like it’s been fight after fight since we woke up; I’m happy to have a break. ‘Course now this Lilo lady wants us to go take care of some ghosts. I just can’t win.

- Later -

Well, two close calls so far for me, but at least I know I can still count on my buddies to watch my back. And I hate to be proud of it since we used to be the most well-oiled fighting machine this land has ever seen, but I think we’re starting to gel again. All our skills seem to be coming back, maybe even a little too fast, but better that than too slow. I keep telling ‘em, “I can sneak up on those bastards from just about anywhere if you just keep ‘em busy,” but it’s taking a while to sink in. Oh well, we’ve all got a lot on our minds. You crawl before you walk.

We sure did kick the shit out of that ooze though. That’s the most alive I’ve felt in a long while. Before the Impact, things had gotten a little too easy. And who knows, maybe that’s why we failed. If we failed. I can see it in their eyes though, even if it’s buried beneath the confusion: they’re starting to have a good time again. At least I think they are. Gaebriel though, it seems like it’s taking a little time for the blood to come back. His eyes and his hair… I don’t want to trouble him, but I don’t believe for a second he’s not a little curious what’s happened to him.

Well, there’ll be time to think about that. Lots of time, I’d imagine. Feels like we’ve got a long way to go, even though we don’t know what we’re going toward. Just gotta keep moving, stay active, stay sharp. If I had a choice I don’t know that I’d pick this path, but it certainly is a thrill.



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